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Coty was born in Bradenton, Florida, but he was raised in Midwest City, Oklahoma. As a child, Coty used to find a lot of stray dogs and play with them. Coty began training dogs when he was about nine years old because he loved communicating with them. For a child, it felt like a super power, and it was the way Coty could escape from homework and stress of a kid’s life.
When Coty served in the Marines, he volunteered as a dog trainer for the Wounded Warriors Project organization by training their service dogs. Coty fell in love with dog training once again, and he knew that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.
Once he got out of the Marines Coty started to work as a dog trainer at Petco. Coty realized that he wanted to become a serious dog trainer and realized he wanted to help the dogs that really needed to be saved, the dogs that no one else would want to train, the dogs that everyone wanted to "put down". In order to save these dogs he needed more experience so in January of 2016 he went to school and later trained dogs for a national dog training company. Once confident enough Coty decided to open up his own facility to ensure he can provide the best care and training to each dog under his care.
Coty believed that he was a pretty knowledgeable dog trainer, but later he realized that there is so much more to it, as his mentor soon taught him. Through his training he learned how to obtain a line of verbal communication and respect from the dogs he worked with. He also learned how to effectively train the dog owners as well. Coty now understands dog training more than ever and is always learning to improve himself as a trainer and leader. Coty has been training dogs for a total of seven years now and has trained over 70 dogs in 2016 alone.